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Explore the South Shore

Along the Scenic Lighthouse Route in 4 days!

A Book to Help Get you
Ready for Some East Coast

As the years have passed from the Pandemic,
we are finding our way back to our daily lives again.
Nova Scotia awaits your arrival. 


crescent beach.jpg

Crescent Beach, NS

This book will have you organized for a Road Trip full of Memories!

If you fly into Halifax and rent a car or
drive your own vehicle...

Nova Scotia has plenty to see and do.

With its scenic routes, sandy beaches,
historical sites, and rocky coastline.

A great picture is just waiting to be taken!

$50 value, yours for $22

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Most Common Travel Concerns:

Being Unprepared for the Trip

Getting Lost while Traveling

What exactly
will I see?

All Nova Scotia Road Trip Books help to Answer these Concerns

Image by Ruth Troughton
  • Sights to See

  • Many Colourful Pictures

  • Directions

  • Rest Stops

  • Road maps

  • Travel Tips

  • Fun Facts

  • Planning Routes done for you

 Included in this eBook:

The Guesswork and hours of pre-planning are done for you!

Just make a few reservations, gas up the car or book a flight to enjoy
"Exploring the South Shore".

The 7 Most Popular Nova Scotia attractions and what to see in

between are in the recently published E-books:

  • Nova Scotia Day Tripping  and

  • The Epic Nova Scotia Road Trip

Featuring colourful photos, maps and many tips... leaving you ready for Adventure!

The South Shore is known best for...

carter's beach.jpg

Carter's Beach

Over 8 km of white sand and clean turquoise water. One of the prettiest beaches in Nova Scotia

OIP (7).jpg

The Lobster Roll

Over 40 species of fish are harvested from the South Shore. The freshest catch of the day is found here... Enjoy!

baccaro lighthouse.jpg

Baccaro Point Lighthouse

Great views of the Ocean and located on the most southern point of Mainland Nova Scotia

R (15).jpg

Betty F. Enfield NS

"Love the Chowder!"


Ken B. Cavan ON

"Had a Great Time in Nova Scotia!"

Meet Your Guide

Why I wrote this book...

I am Val Helmond - I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, namely Truro. I love exploring many areas of the Province. With the pandemic finally behind us. I feel now is the time to develop this idea, for a book.

We are all overdue for a Road Trip, let alone an Epic one!

So get packed and set aside 10 days (or more) to travel to this

one-of-a-kind fun-loving province that I call Home.

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Val Helmond

Author - Creator

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Thanks for stopping in!

Our hope is that you will love Nova Scotia and want to return every year and to this website to purchase your next Road Trip and Adventure!

~ The Nova Scotia Road Trip Team

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