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 Nova Scotia Road Trip!

How about a book to help you
get ready for some EAST COAST


With the passing of time from the Pandemic, we are all happily resuming our lives, we desire to travel again! Nova Scotia can't wait to show you everything it's made of.

                          Peggy's Cove, NS

This book will have you organized for a road trip full of memories and ready

to explore the 7 top attractions in the Province! 

If you fly into Halifax and rent a car or

drive your own vehicle,

Nova Scotia has plenty

to see and do.

With its scenic routes, and sandy beaches, historical sites and

rocky coastline and delicious seafood.

There is a new story around every corner and no shortage of friendly people to tell it.

Copy of Epic Nova Scotia Road Trip.jpg

$50 value,  yours for $22

Nova Scotia awaits your arrival!


Most Common Travel Concerns:

  • Getting Lost
  • Being unprepared

  • What to see

All Nova Scotia Road Trip books

help to answer all these travel concerns.


Included in this eBook

  • Sights to See

  • Many Colorful Pictures

  • Directions

  • Rest Stops

  • Road Maps

  • Travel Tips

  • Fun Facts

  • Planning routes done for you

The Guesswork and Hours of pre-planning are done for you!

Just make a few reservations, gas up the car or book a flight to enjoy

the "Epic Nova Scotia Road Trip!"

Navigate the 7 Most Popular Nova Scotia attractions and what to see in between are in my recently published e-Book, they buddy together to complete your vacation. 

    "Nova Scotia Day Tripping"

Featuring colorful photos, maps and many tips... leaving you ready for Adventure!

Some of the most popular places-

Peggy's Cove

The most photographed spot in Canada for its panoramic views.

Cabot Trail

Is one of the most

famous and scenic

drives in Canada.

R (8).jpg

Capitol of Nova Scotia. The city is full of history, pubs, seafood and music.

Why I wrote this book...

I'm Val Helmond. I was born and raised in Nova scotia, namely Truro.

I enjoy exploring new places in the Province. My hope is that you will love your experience visiting Nova Scotia and want to return for many more Road Trips and Adventure.

So get packed and set aside 10 days (or more) to travel to this one-of-a-kind province, I call home.


Mahone Bay, NS

R (15).jpg

Betty F. Enfield NS

"I found the best chowder in Wolfville!"


Ken B. Cavan ON

"...this province is my favourite place, the exploring never ends..."

R (3).jpg

                    Peggy's Cove,NS

Have questions?
We have an Answer!

  • What is the weather like in Nova Scotia from June to September?

Summer temperatures are pleasant from 20- 23 degrees Celsius (67-74 degrees Fahrenheit). 30-32 degrees Celsius are rare. Fog  is frequent along the coasts.

  • Are their toll highways?

Yes, a section of Hwy 104, known as the Cobequid Pass

Fee- $4.00

  • Are their toll bridges?

Yes, in Halifax

1.25 cash

no interact or tap at toll

Fisherman's Cove, NS

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Our hope is that you will love Nova Scotia and want to return every year and to this website to purchase your next Road Trip and Adventure!

~ The Nova Scotia Road Trip Team

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